Bearded Thoughts

Uncommon wisdom from a chocolate man with an EXEMPLARY beard  #BeardedThoughts


I’m out here eating kale & living my best life                                                                            while y’all still f%%#ing up the ozone layer.  – Root #BeardedThoughts


Opinions are like heartbeats. The harder you work, the easier it is to                        hear them – Root           

Everyone Walks. Duly note the opinions of others when you are                                  walking in your purpose.  #BeardedThoughts


You are ALREADY valid. You have ALWAYS been valid.                                             Just walk in your purpose to further support a truth that existed                     before you acknowledged it.

-Root  #BeardedThoughts

10.4.18 – 

I’m going to start this post with wise words from my brother Eze Jackson:

                      “Never underestimate the effect you have on people                                                                                          who are watching                                                                                                                           you walk in your purpose.”                                                                                                                            –Eze Jackson

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There’s a difference between                                                                                          knowing when to ‘stop’                                                                                                                    & knowing when to ‘quit’                                                                              #BeardedThoughts


Using absolute statements in your posts and conversations catch attention But it’s FALSE most of the time.                                                                                                    It annoys me ALL the time.  #seewhatididthere #BeardedThoughts